Nyplings Mat & Vin summer of 2017

After a succesful first year we are comming back to take over the summer evenings at H10 Bar & Cafe. We will be open thuseday to saturday between the 27:e of June to the 12:e of August from 18.00 plus the 2 and 3:e of Juli. The food will be based on the vegetable plot back at the farm Nyplings i Lokrume just like last summer and the wines will come from small passionate growers from all over the world. Of course we will also be serving a lot of Swedish real cider from Mikael's new project FRUKTSTEREO. Visit the webpage for more info. 

Reservations for the summer of 2017 are now open 

Nyplings Mat & Vin is a restaurant and wine-bar in the middle of old town Visby 

Nyplings Mat & Vin is my interpretation of home.

After having spent all of my adult years serving great food and wine on the mainland and abroad, I think it is about time to return home to Gotland. Nyplings Mat & Vin is my homage and interpretation of Gotland and especially the family farm Nyplings. A restaurant and wine-bar where I am going to let creativity and joy rule.  


Mikael Nypelius 


If you walk down Hästgatan one of the main streets of old town Visby you will find H10 right in the middle. H10 has quickly become one of the real hot spots in Visby offering quality shopping of everything from jewelry and clothes to Gotlandic furniture design. A alongside designer stores H10 is also the home to the very popular H10 Bar & Café. This summer H10 Bar & Café will invite Nyplings Mat & Vin to take over the evenings at the café, like a pop-up restaurant.      

Nyplings Mat & Vin is a wine-bar and restaurant that focuses on Gotlandic produce. Most of the vegetables will be sourced from our own farm Nyplings and everything else on the plate will be from friends of ours around the island.

Wine plays a big part of Nyplings Mat & Vin, it will be wine from all over the world mostly from farmers and producers who care as much and feel the same pride about there home town and region as we do about Gotland. Most of them grow there wine after bio-dynamic or organic principles, you can say that it is real and honest wine.    


When do Nyplings Mat & Vin open its doors?

From the 28:e June Nyplings mat & vin will be open Tuesday to Saturday from 6 p.m. We will be open till the end of August.         

What will the menu look like?

The menu will be focused around vegetables grown on the family farm Nyplings with additions from other local farms on Gotland and what we find in the nature around us. We will offer a total of 5 courses, one starter, one vegetarian course, one meat course, a cheese course and a dessert. Everything is able to order a la cart or as 3-(400sek) and 4-course(500sek) menus with the possibility to add the cheese course.     


Mikael Nypelius

After several years in the wine and hospitality business on mainland Sweden, Norway and France I am able to full fill my dream to come home and start a restaurant focused on Gotland and with wines from producers I have worked with over the years away from home.

I worked at Bhoga in Gothenburg(a one stared Michelin restaurant) until march 2016, as restaurant manager and sommelier. It has been some fantastic years sense the start in 2012 where we have been awarded prices like "Best new restaurant in Sweden 2013", "Best meet 2013", "Best bar 2013" and awarded a Michelin star in 2014. In 2015 I was honored to be awarded "Sommelier of the year" from the largest wine magazine in Sweden Livets Goda.   



Nyplings gård (The Farm)

At the farm, Nyplings you are able to see for yourself where we grow our vegetables and also able the get your hand on some in our shop. The farm is located on the main road towards Fårösund(the 148) about 17km from Visby. The Store is open from morning to late evening every day of the week.    








Hästgatan 10
621 56, Visby



Nyplings Mat & Vin is open summertime Tuesday to Saturday from 6 p.m  

H10 Bar & Café is open Monday to Sunday
8 a.m to 6 p.m
Friday 8 a.m to 6 p.m
Saturday 10 a.m to 5 p.m
Sunday 11 a.m to 5 p.m

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